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March 19-26th 2016





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Live Pure Jenna, and Live Free Laura D are combining forces to bring you a High Vibrational experience you’ll never forget.

“We are so excited to invite you to our Live Pure, Live Free Retreat! Focusing on self-empowerment is absolutely what this retreat is about with raw foods being a gateway. As we clean our bodies with the foods we consume, we purify our minds and spirits.”

~ Jenna Davila & Laura Dawn

What you will learn

Join us for this unique Raw Food & Self-Empowerment Retreat with Live Pure Jenna and Live Free Laura D.
Come learn, laugh, play, rejuvenate, explore and renew yourself on the Big Island of Hawaii, and discover the secrets to stepping onto your heart-path, cultivating a healthy relationship with food and living a healthier lifestyle. This retreat is a great way to help you push that "Restart Button" and experience a reconnection to nature, to food and to your Self.

Invite Your Friends to Join You for this Live Pure, Live Free Raw Food & Self-Empowerment Retreat!


What to Expect



  • Accommodation for 8 days and 7 nights
  • Airport pickup shuttle on arrival and departure dates
  • (Additional option to arrive and depart up to 2 days before and after the retreat. Please contact us before booking your flights!)


  • 100% organic food and drinks with an emphasis on high-fruit, raw foods, fresh and local cuisine
  • Time in the kitchen with raw food chefs Jenna and Laura D, learning how to make epic raw foods
  • Daily smoothies
  • Exposure to a wide range of tropical fruits


Fun & Movement

Fun & Movement

  • Local farm tours
  • Waterfall tours
  • Volcano tour
  • Visiting local sea turtle sanctuary
  • Fun and cultural outings to both daytime and night time markets
  • Ecstatic “shake it” Sunday morning dance party!
  • Hiking and walking to beautiful scenic areas


  • Relaxing beach time
  • Guided morning yoga and meditation classes
  • Access to therapeutic healing massage (extra charge)
  • Scheduled "down time" to rest and rejuvenate
Reconnection to Nature

Reconnection to Nature

  • Prepare for and expect to be spending a lot of time outdoors immersed in nature
  • Experience and learn what it means to live 100% off-grid, working with nature to have our basic needs met
  • Discover a deep reconnection to our food source


Special Guests & Events!

  • Spring Equinox Ceremony
    The spring equinox represents more light and illumination coming into our lives after a period of darkness. It is the signal from the universe to flip over into the rising light of spring time, the process of expanded flow. We are dancing, we are birthing, we are growing, it is the time for celebration! It is cleansing old energies that no longer serve our Highest in order to make more space for ourselves to welcome and embrace in all the love and abundance in our life with trust in the universe. This deepens our spiritual consciousness to bloom into focus and move into renewal and reinvigoration with fresh positivity. This is a transformational shift of new light and life, new beginnings, the planting of new seeds and forging of new paths. We specifically chose the dates for this Live Pure, Live Free Retreat so it would fall on the equinox, so we could collectively co-create a sacred ritual and invoke what new paths we want to call forth in our lives. This will include a fire burning ceremony where we symbolically release all that is no longer serving us, free ourselves from unwanted struggles and set our highest intentions to anchor ourselves into the universal love and light of our divine journey!
  • An Evening of Sound Health Therapy with SkyLove Solei
    "Relax, rest deeply and go on a journey deep into your heart! During the experience you will be bathed in the healing sound vibration of crystal bowls, gong and didgeridoo. The sound acts as a powerful medium that can support clearing away stagnant energy and balancing your system for greater health and vitality. “


Sheri L. Wetherell, founder of IFBC and

Jessica Burdi, Toronto Canada

“I HIGHLY recommend this awesome Raw Food Hawaiian Retreat to anyone interested in transitioning into or maintaining a raw food lifestyle. The knowledge, life-experience, self-reflection and self-development gained through this spontaneous, flexible, yet well planned out health retreat is truly remarkable. The abundant amount of activities and information Laura Dawn delivered, left me feeling fulfilled and ready to begin a new and lasting lifestyle. With all the materials supplied through the retreat, I feel supported in my transition home and continue to deepen my understanding of living a healthier and more mindful lifestyle, not only from a physical perspective but mental, emotional and spiritual as well.”

Alex, DC

I was told a long time ago by someone very dear to me that Dreams + Actions = Reality. I feel that is exactly what Jenna echoed in what she taught me. I noticed that the more we spoke about how to attain happiness and dreams, the better I felt. For the first time in a very long time I felt like my goals and my happiness were easily attainable. It felt good for my soul to feel that way. Since my time with Jenna, I've been focusing my energy on doing things that will make my soul feel full again. In the coming months, I have some goals that I want to achieve and I'd like to thank Jenna for giving me that boost I needed. I'll admit, the same routine day in and out wore me down, and the negativity surrounding it caused me to become complacent. But now I feel I have more clarity and understanding of what makes me happy and how to let go of the negativity. Thank you again for that boost of confidence!!! 

Evan Palahicky, Terrace B.C

I'm not one to write reviews but I felt it was necessary to say something after my Raw Food Retreat on the Big Island with Laura Dawn. I've been to many healthy living/yoga retreats and this is hands down the best one I've yet to experience! When I met Laura Dawn and Noah they radiated warmth and kindness. They made sure I had the best island experience possible while catering specifically to my needs. Laura Dawn's in depth knowledge of healthy living and Noah's knowledge of the island made this retreat a major success. Whether it was the many durian sessions we had, hanging out on black sand beaches, the wonderful time spent exploring the island balanced with helpful information to support my journey toward health, was truly amazing. My life is definitely richer from the experience. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking to improve their health and have a great time on the Big Island of Hawaii. A big thanks to Laura Dawn @ Happy & Raw.

Marissa, Bethesda, Maryland

My time with Jenna was incredibly helpful. I wanted to address how I have been feeling overwhelmed about various aspects of my life and I feel like I now know the steps to start taking to find the balance and truth I need.
In order to move forward with my life I now understand that I need to be happy with myself and confident in the person I am. By loving myself and focusing on my strengths, I will be able to succeed and find the happiness I am seeking.
My main take away from Jenna was the importance of finding balance in my life. Being unhappy with one small aspect of my life can cause me to be unable to find the true happiness and motivation in other aspects of my life. It is time for me to create harmony and focus and take action to create my own happiness. I particularly liked the idea of taking a moment every morning when I wake up to appreciate all of the positive things both in myself and in the world around me. Typically when I wake up, I focus on the small negative things about my day to come rather than taking a step back and taking a moment to reflect on things that bring me happiness and motivation. Overall, awesome, helpful, insightful experience!

Location of Accommodation

This year, we are hosting our Live Pure, Live Free Retreat at a beautiful Balinese Style Retreat Accommodation on gorgeous Opihikao Road in Lower Puna, on the eastern tip of the Big Island of Hawaii.

This beautiful and remote location gives participants an opportunity to reconnect with nature and experience what it’s like to live in a sustainable, off-grid community, surrounded by fruit trees and orchards. As well as the opportunity to sleep in style and comfort in the Bali huts that are constructed with exotic hardwoods and cedar.

This down-to-earth, “farm feel” ocean-view property is situation approximately 1.5 miles from the ocean, and about 6 miles from the small village of Pahoa.
The ocean-view property is blessed with average daytime temperatures of 85° F year-round, and 65° F at night, with cool, fragrant trade winds, surrounding tropical flora, including old growth mangoes, nearby swimming, surfing and snorkeling in the ocean and natural volcanically heated thermal oceanside pools.

Live Pure Live Free Retreat Live Pure Live Free Retreat Live Pure Live Free Retreat

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  • Shared Bungalow
    with Shared Bath
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About Your Hosts

Live Free Laura D

Live Free Laura D

Laura Dawn is a holistic health consultant, raw food chef, speaker, author and up-and-coming food photographer. She is the author of Unhooked: A Holistic Approach to Ending Your Struggle with Food as well as Mindful Eating for Dummies ". After discovering the secrets to healing her disordered eating, Laura Dawn has inspired others to drop their struggle with food and weight. A dynamic keynote speaker, her passion is to inspire people to choose a sustainable path of health and happiness.

She is the founder of Happy & Raw ( and runs health retreats in Hawaii, where she resides on her organic farm.

Live Pure Jenna

Live Pure Jenna

Jenna is a New Jersey native, having been active and playing sports since the age of five. She attended Rowan University, where she was a member of the soccer team and earned a BA in Health and Exercise Science. She is a plant-based Health and Wellness Coach, Spiritual Counselor, raw vegan food blogger and freelance photographer. Jenna loves to spread Universal oneness, love, cosmic positivity and conscious awareness to the world. Her passion for eating organic and raw foods comes from knowing and feeling the vibrational elevation in her health and spirituality. Raw foods helped guide and strengthen her path to enlightenment, and she wants to show others how powerful sun-kissed foods rejuvenate the body. She believes that raw foods are quenched by the rays of the sun's high vibrations, and when we consume them, we contribute to our own robust health and healing energy. She hopes to show people that eating more living foods can help us feel lighter in every way, by filling our souls with a sense of bliss and harmony, and giving us more clarity of mind. She has always been passionate about food, and wants to share her wisdom, light, and love to inspire people to become creative and self-empowered by simply finding delicious ways to add more fruit and vegetables to their diets! Jenna has a blossoming Instagram following of over 80k! Follow Jenna on Instagram Instagram or visit her Live Pure Blog

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