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Kiwi Apple Smoothie

  I think one of the biggest misconceptions about the raw food lifestyle is that it’s too time consuming. I totally disagree. I think it might take a little bit of a learning curve to get into a new habit of making new recipes, but honestly, my meals take me about 5 minutes to make [...] » Read more

Raw Carob Mint Smoothie

When it comes to making morning smoothies, the choices are endless. I love to make my usual fruity smoothies, but sometimes I’m in the mood to change things up a bit. If you’re looking to get some new breakfast recipe ideas, don’t forget to check out  my upcoming free 7-day MIY (Make It Yourself) Healthy [...] » Read more

Bluebellery Smoothie

Coming up with new smoothies is always fun. This combination meets all the standards of nutrient rich, super hydrating and absolutely delicious! If you haven’t figured out why we’re calling this one the Bluebellery Smoothie, here’s the breakdown: Blueberries: If there ever was a nutritional powerhouse, blueberries are it! Blueberries help to maintain healthy bones, lower [...] » Read more

Medicinal Mango Smoothie

I’m always amazed at how smoothies have changed my life. They’ve become such an integral part of my daily lifestyle that I often joke with people that my two most important keys to happiness are daily walks and smoothies! The smoothie combinations are endless, which make them a great way to keep things feeling fresh [...] » Read more

Mega Magnesium Smoothie

  I absolutely love green smoothies. After learning about the importance of magnesium and discovering what raw, whole foods are a great source of this incredibly important nutrient, I’ve put together this simple green smoothie recipe that is not only delicious but offers your body a healthy dose of magnesium to keep you feeling healthy, [...] » Read more

Ginger Lemongrass Tea – Hot or Cold!

Whether it’s summertime or the middle of the winter, it’s extremely important to stay hydrated. I like to stay hydrated in a  number of ways, including drinking fresh, filtered water, infusing my water with high frequency hydrosols, like rose water as well as drinking fruit-infused water. I also like to maintain a very hydrating diet [...] » Read more

Power Up on Protein Green Smoothie

In case you have not yet received the memo – there’s a green smoothie revolution happening out there! Is it also happening in your kitchen? I know it’s happening in mine! Green smoothies have become a staple in my lower-fat raw vegan dietary lifestyle. I have some kind of green smoothie combination almost every day. [...] » Read more

Yellow Sunrise Passion fruit Smoothie

If you have access to yellow or purple passion fruit (also known as lilikoi here in Hawaii) then you should definitely try this yummy raw Sunrise Passion Fruit Smoothie. If you don’t live in the tropics, you can find passionfruit in asian markets in most major cities around the world. They’re easy to ship because they have [...] » Read more

Pear Cilantro Smoothie

Cilantro is one of those herbs that people either love or hate. There’s something very particular about its flavor that is either very attractive or completely repulsive to people. After catering for many events and hosting raw food retreats, I’ve learned to limit my cilantro use on the main raw food dishes and keep it [...] » Read more

Tropical Dream Smoothie

Want a great way to start your day with a powerful anti-inflammatory immune booster? This Super Anti-inflammatory Tropical Raw Food Smoothie will surely do the trick! It’s loaded with anti-inflammatory properties like curcumin and immune boosting vitamins like vitamin C. Tropical Dream Smoothie Recipe Kitchen Essentials For this immune boosting raw food smoothie, the only kitchen equipment need [...] » Read more

Raw Clear Skin Juice

This raw clear skin juice recipe is a great juice combination to help clear up any skin disorders like acne, skin blemishes, redness, or puffiness of the skin. It will also help your skin to shine and give it a nice radiant glow. I know we have a tendency to want to “treat” skin ailments from [...] » Read more

Raw Mango Lassi Love

Boost your energy levels, clear skin blemished and alkalize your body…these are just a few of the many health benefits of eating mangoes! I love fresh ripe mangoes, they sing sweet songs of love to my soul. If you’ve ever travelled to India or parts of South East Asia, then you’ve certainly tried a traditional [...] » Read more

Strawberry Immune Booster Smoothie

I love celebrating life with good, wholesome delicious food. Waking up to this raw strawberry immune booster smoothie first thing in the morning feels particularly special. Maybe it’s just the nice glasses we use to make a meal feel more special. It’s so easy to make smoothies and make them look good too! This strawberry immune boosting [...] » Read more

Deep Cleanse Juice

It’s a beautiful morning here on the Big Island of Hawaii and I love waking up to my morning green juices, especially this deep cleanse juice. This is a super simple juice combo, and like always, you can mix it up any which way you like! Deep cleanse Juice Recipe Essential Kitchen Equipment For this [...] » Read more

Raw Papaya Smoothie: Super C!

Morning smoothies, including this raw papaya smoothie, are such a great way to pack your nutritional morning punch, to start your day off right. It’s also a great way to get more fruits and greens into your diet. This morning I made a smoothie with fruit from the land here on the big Island of [...] » Read more

Lemon Water – A Healthy Way to Start the Day

Lemon water is a great way to start off the day. I either have a fresh coconut, or filtered water with a squeeze of lemon juice in it – at room temperature. This is one of the simplest and most effective and cheapest ways to start living a healthier lifestyle. The first thing I recommend [...] » Read more

Raw Blueberry Maca Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to start the day! I love making smoothies of all varieties, mixing it up with different fruits and greens. Today I made a blueberry smoothie that’s so easy to make. Berries are high in antioxidants, great for countering free radicals that are always being produced in our bodies as a [...] » Read more

Raw Beet Cabbage Orange Juice

I love juicing – I especially love juicing fresh, local, organic produce. I woke up this morning and didn’t have a tray of wheatgrass to juice, so I made a quick veggie juice instead that turned out amazingly delicious. The health benefits of cabbage are off the charts, classifying it in my books as a [...] » Read more

Raw Orange Julius Smoothie

When I was a kid, growing up in Montreal, Canada, there was this huge Orange Dome that used to sell Orange Julip’s (also known as Orange Julius in the US). Basically it was a mix of milk and orange juice and we used to love going for this special treat with dad. I was in [...] » Read more

Raw Nut and Seed Milks in Under 5 Minutes

I’ve never been a huge fan of cow’s milk, even when I was a kid. I remember going to elementary school when we used to have a little mini-carton of milk waiting for us at our desks when we arrived in the morning. I remember not liking my milk and not wanting to drink it [...] » Read more

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