Cooked Vegan Breadfruit Pancakes

Breadfruit Pancakes

Eating a high-raw diet, I do like to include the occasional cooked food meals into my diet, especially when it’s as special, tasty and nourishing as breadfruit pancakes. When I eat cooked foods, I still follow the basic guidelines for choosing healthy foods, choosing real, whole foods that are organic and preferably local with minimal processing and few ingredients.

Here in Hawaii we have an abundance of breadfruit. Breadfruit, also known as ‘Ulu’ here in Hawaii is apart of the mulberry family and is a relative to jackfruit (a personal favorite). Breadfruit can be very starchy, especially if eaten unripe. Many people like to cook it while it’s “mature” but still unripe and find it similar to eating potatoes. I was initially really put off by breadfruit because I’d only seen people eat it in this starchy state. But recently I tried a breadfruit that was super ripe and it was actually really sweet and tasty. My husband and I try to eat as local as possible so we are always trying to create tasty fun recipes with local ingredients that grow in abundance.

Here is a simple ‘Ulu’ Pancake Recipe that was a special Christmas treat. I don’t eat cooked food too often, but this was extra special and delicious using local organic resources and made with very few ingredients – it’s basically a one-ingredient pancake! These pancakes brought back a special childhood nostalgia of when my dad would make us all banana pancakes on Sunday mornings. It has been many years since I’ve had this pleasure and I’m so thankful we created a much healthier alternative to the buttermilk pancakes we used to eat as kids – yes, I really did used to eat buttermilk pancakes! These pancakes are vegan – no dairy necessary, as well as wheat-free and gluten-free and even low-fat. We didn’t even use any flour to make these delicious golden pancakes, only 2 main ingredients for the base…

Breadfruit Pancake Recipe (Low-Fat)

Kitchen Equipment

  • For this recipe, all you will need is a blender, a non-stick pan and a spatula.

Raw Ingredients

  • 1 medium sized very ripe breadfruit. (You can tell the breadfruit is ripe when it is starting to turn brown and it is very soft.)
  • At a pinch of cinnamon
  • a dash of vanilla

Preparation Method

  • cut open the breadfruit and scrap out the yellowish-white fruity part into a blender.
  • Add in the cinnamon and vanilla and blend for 5 seconds until smooth. (It doesn’t take long!)
  • Now heat up a non-stick pan, add a little bit of coconut oil (I don’t usually eat any oils at all, want to know why? But if I do eat or cook with oil, I choose coconut oil) Heat the pan to high and with a spoon scoop a small amount on the pan (so they are easier to flip). They don’t take long to cook at all so be careful not to overcook or burn them. Wait until the bottom is golden brown then flip.

As an additional option, you can also add into the batter:

  • 1-2 medium sweet ripe plantains. (You can actually make this with just breadfruit if that’s all you have. The plantains make it a little extra sweeter and a little more gooey.)

Want to know how we made this buttery looking topping?

Butter-less Buttery Pancake Topping (Low-Fat)

  • 1-2 egg-fruit – this is such an incredible fruit, it tastes sweet but has a similar texture as a hardboiled egg – an aptly named fruit for sure.
  • 3 small bananas

Blend together and voila!

I personally choose to eat bee products, so long as they are (very) local, organic and raw and I harvest the honey myself or have a personal relationship with the person who does. I find honey to be much healthier than other processed sweetener alternatives like agave. I drizzled honey on top but if you are vegan, you can use another sweetener of your choosing, but it doesn’t even really need it.

Want to experience first hand what it is like to eat local, organic, fresh, ripe exotic fruits like breadfruit, plantains, bananas and egg-fruit? Check out our Raw Food Hawaii Retreats on the beautiful and tropical Big Island of Hawaii.

Enjoy these delicious vegan breadfruit pancakes and have a wonderful Christmas holidays,

Aloha from the Bi g Island of Hawaii,

Laura Dawn, Registered Holistic Nutritionist



6 responses to “Cooked Vegan Breadfruit Pancakes”

  1. Laura Dawn says:

    I’ve never had trouble flipping them because they’re falling apart. Make sure to have the pan on high heat and add some coconut oil to the pan;)

  2. Laura Dawn says:

    Lol, I just make this recipe again this morning! I eat ulu pancakes all the time, and I’ve NEVER put a binder in there. Ulu is super sticky already!

  3. jimmy says:

    this recipe is bogus, you need something to bind the ulu.

  4. Emily Rose says:

    As we sat cooped up awaiting hurricane Madeline I made my sweetie & I some of these delicious ulu pancakes topped with a chocolate chai avocado pudding. Pure bliss on this rainy & windy day!

  5. Pinks hanson says:

    My family and I always try to eat our healthy local food here in the Caribbean. I totally love the breadfruit pancake recipe. I will be making it for breakfast tomorrow. Thank you!! I am sooo excited.

  6. Ann says:

    Ok, did I miss an ingredient in these “pancakes”??? It was like attempting to use pudding or yogurt to make a pancake!! Was mushy and never got to point that I could flip. Attempted to add some rice flour to thicken and still did not work. So guess I will incorporate small portions of this mixture into my oatmeal!

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