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Your Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Dairy Alternatives

Discover delicious dairy-free living with this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide, where you will learn everything you need to drop dairy and take your health to the next level.

Kelli Angela Prieur

Kelli Angela Prieur
Yoga Instructor, Writer & Proud Mama, Sydney, Australia

Before reading "Your Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Dairy Alternatives" the idea of transitioning into eating more raw foods in place of my dairy favorites seemed totally overwhelming! After drooling over the book's gorgeous graphics and now that I'm armed with all this amazingly simple, detailed information on how to transition into eating more raw foods I feel so inspired to start! The recipes I’ve made so far are easy-to-make and delicious! I can't wait to work my way through the entire book! Thank you Laura Dawn for making raw food preparation so accessible and easy!

What you will learn

This book will empower you to transition towards dairy-free living.

Education & Information

Education & Information

  • The top 10 reasons why it’s worth avoiding dairy
  • How dairy is acidic to the body
  • Why dairy is physically addictive
  • Why calcium is essential
  • How animal products influence calcium absorption
  • The correlation between calcium and osteoporosis
  • 10 great plant-based sources of calcium
  • My top 11 tips to successfully transition to dairy-free living
  • 4 common pitfalls to avoid while transitioning
  • Why I don’t use salt, soy or cashews in my recipes
  • 3 awesome natural sweeteners that can help you transition away from SAD towards happy and raw.
Raw Vegan Dairy Recipes

Raw Vegan Dairy Recipes

  • A step-by-step guide to making nut milks
  • 12 different ways to make nut milk
  • 5 different ways to enjoy your nut milks
  • How to make cream for chai lattes, whipped cream and a caramel cream topping for desserts
  • Learn how to make a variety of vegan cheeses
  • Raw vegan butter – yes I can believe it is butter!
  • Raw yogurt and the low-down on probiotics
  • A complete guide to making raw vegan ice cream including low fat ice cream
  • Raw vegan condiments and dressings including “mayonnaise”, Caesar salad dressing, tzatziki sauce, and alfredo fettuccine sauce.

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Section 1

Welcome to Your Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Dairy Alternatives

Section 3

The Low Down on Calcium

Section 5

Top 11 Tips to Successfully Transition to Dairy Free

Section 6

How to Make Raw Vegan Nut Milks


Section 1 -
Section 3 - The Low Down on Calcium
Section 5 - Top 11 Tips to Successfully Transition to Dairy Free
Section 6 - How to Make Raw Vegan Nut Milks

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What people are saying

Lucy MacDonald

Lucy MacDonald
Author of Learn to be an Optimist, Ottawa Canada

This is a easy to read, helpful resource that will get you started on your dairy-free lifestyle. Full of great recipes and beautiful photos that will inspire you!

Melissa Baron

Melissa Baron
Entrepreneur, Victoria, British Columbia

Laura Dawn has shared a treasure trove of valuable, well researched information in her new book of raw vegan dairy alternatives. She explains clearly and succinctly the consequences of eating dairy and provides great healthy alternatives. The book offers easy to follow instruction and hints on how to make your own dairy alternatives as well as delicious recipes on raw vegan, nutrient rich foods that provide the calcium we’ve been told in the past comes predominantly from dairy. I'm sure I'll be referring to this resource frequently in the future.

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About the Author

Ebook Author

Laura Dawn is a holistic health consultant, raw food chef, speaker and author. She is the author of “Unhooked: A Holistic Approach to Ending Your Struggle with Food” as well as “Mindful Eating for Dummies”. After discovering the secrets to healing her disordered eating, Laura Dawn has inspired others to drop their struggle with food and weight. A dynamic keynote speaker, her passion is to inspire people to choose a sustainable path of health and happiness. She is the founder of Happy & Raw  ( and runs health retreats in Hawaii, where she resides on her organic farm.

Learn More About Laura Dawn Here.

Laura Dawn’s offers a range of services including:
Raw Food Hawaii Retreats
Farm to Table Catering
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